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1. I am trying to install a PHP script and it says that 'safe_mode is on but needs to be off'. What is this and what can I do about it?

PHP safe_mode is a feature which is made to allow many people to host on the same serversystem without them being able
to read/write systemfiles or files of other users. In the current version of this freehosting site it is required to be ON to protect the server, however it is possible for the admin to switch it off on a per-user basis. Please contact the administrator for further information about this.

2. I created my account (subdomain) and I entered an 'extra domain' (domain), how do I change my pages via FTP on both of these?

Subdomain + domain are the same accounts, so if you have a user; 'testuser' and a freehost
domain '', your subdomain is;

If you choose an extra domain, for instance '', you will have two domains
your site can be reached by;

They both point to the same files. If you want to FTP there, you run;


Login with your user panel login details (you chose when you registered) and change the
files. Both domains will show the same changes.